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Feedback….Better to Give than Receive?

November 30, 2016
by Shelli Herman

Why is feedback one of the easiest things to offer and, yet, the hardest to accept? We need feedback because no one is right all the time. Feedback and coaching make you better and they help everyone grow personally and professionally, but emotions can prevent us from taking advantage of negative feedback; it doesn’t feel […]

Succession Planning and Mitigating Nonprofit Risk

October 18, 2016
by Shelli Herman

I was recently asked to contribute to a whitepaper on avoiding and mitigating risk; my thoughts were focused on the enormous value of succession planning. For all nonprofits, some level of risk helps drive innovation and the successful balancing act hinges on taking smart risk. Below are excerpts of this exceedingly well written document, ultimately developed by Green […]

The Hard Thing About The Hard Things

September 7, 2016
by Shelli Herman

I took my own advice and decided to read a book that has been on my “must read” list for 2016. Entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ben Horowitz keeps it real in his book, The Hard Thing About The Hard Things. While most books written by successful entrepreneurs read like romance novels, Ben’s book is more like […]

Authentic Leadership in Dallas

August 4, 2016
by Shelli Herman

Recently, the entire United States and world saw an example of authentic leadership in the wake of the outrageous and tragic shooting of five police officers in a major U.S. city. For now, put aside your leadership books and models that provide lists about effective leadership. Instead, let’s look at what David Brown, Chief of Police in Dallas, did. […]

The Dog Days of Summer

June 1, 2016
by Shelli Herman

During the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, most of us become accustomed to the inevitable summer slow-down. Key people aren’t available, projects stall, and a general sense of inertia begins to creep in. But summer doesn’t need to be a write-off! Here are six ways you can use these months to get ahead of […]

The Power of Showing Up

March 8, 2016
by Shelli Herman

How a leader shows up is everything. The attitude you have, the words you speak, and the body language you display that you don’t think anybody else sees (but of course they do), all contribute to the value—or lack thereof—that you, as a leader, create for others. I recently watched a panel of Fortune 100 […]