Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.’s approach is proactive and time-sensitive, ensuring results that can be measured and benchmarked at each stage of the process. We share our clients’ sense of urgency, with a laser beam focus on quality, and a personal commitment to excellence.

With knowledge, vast experience, and an enviable track record of accomplishments in the executive recruitment field, we move through every phase of the search with our client: from crafting the position description, defining the target market and sourcing approach, interviewing the candidates, and negotiating the offer. The result is a slate of candidates presented who fit each organization’s unique business needs. We’re able to identify candidates quickly and efficiently because, in partnership with our clients, we understand the skill set needed from beginning to end.

The human element always remains the core of our business. Many may view the executive search process as a transaction, but we have learned that matching talented individuals with appropriate, and ultimately rewarding, positions requires more than simply pairing skills with openings. We do not simply fill positions; we form long-term relationships and a successful partnership approach between our clients and ourselves.


  • Conduct in-depth client meetings.
  • Develop recruitment strategy, prospective candidate target list, and career/success profile.
  • Identify qualified candidates.

Recruit & Qualify

  • Perform thorough screening to qualify and rank candidates.
  • Conduct interviews with a short list of qualified candidates and provide assessment summaries.
  • Meet with client to review summaries and recommend finalists.

Secure Talent

  • Client interviews selected candidates.
  • Complete in-depth reference checks for finalist(s) chosen.
  • Assist client and final candidate with decision, negotiation of compensation, and terms of employment.
  • Provide ongoing support and contact to ensure a smooth transition and future success.


It is critical for the ultimate success of our search that we develop a thorough insight into the organization. We begin by determining organizational structure, corporate culture, and expectations for the position. We interview our clients, ideally in person, to fully understand their expectations and the demands of the position, highlighting specific areas of opportunity for the prospective new hire, as well as to create a client culture profile. At this initial meeting we also identify challenges for the search, agree on the search strategy, and create a precise position specification and leadership profile that conveys key criteria for the candidate as well as what makes the role a compelling opportunity.


A target list of candidates is developed using a direct, creative, and disciplined approach. The most qualified and interested candidates are then personally interviewed to obtain a realistic assessment of their accomplishments, capabilities, and potential. Behavioral-based interviewing is utilized during every interview so that a candidate’s reported track record is examined and verified. This process is designed to yield a number of qualified candidates to compare and evaluate competitively. We openly communicate with our client during this entire process so we can work together to determine the best course of action.

A comprehensive candidate resume is provided for each finalist, including work experience, degree and certification verification, along with a detailed summary of the consultant assessment, and a recommended course of action. We then work directly with the client to ensure a timely progression, including assistance with scheduling meetings, development of interview questions, and gathering candidate feedback. Finally, we continue to work with the client to evaluate candidates and provide guidance with issues such as attainability, compensation expectations, and relocation.


Upon reaching the final stage, Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. completes in-depth reference checks for the finalist or lead candidates. Throughout the final offer and acceptance phase, we maintain regular contact with both the client and final candidate to ensure that any issues are addressed promptly and resolved quickly. We are prepared to assist in the negotiation of compensation or terms of employment.

Our communication and interest does not end when the search is completed; Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. values the long-term link to our clients and placements. We take great pride in knowing a large majority of our placements have not only stayed in their organizations beyond five years, they have been promoted and acknowledged for the contributions to their respective organizations.