Our Higher Education Practice

At Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc., a significant amount of our business is in the higher education sector. With a roster of clients that include prestigious colleges and universities across the nation, we have successfully matched academic leaders with opportunities to serve their campuses and generate strategic visions for their institutions.

We’ve helped our clients build academic leadership teams; this includes provost, dean, and vice president/vice chancellor level searches. Our scope of services includes senior level searches in academic affairs, academic medicine and university health systems, student affairs, marketing and communications, administrative affairs and finance, and human resources.

Equity, access, and representation are not afterthoughts in our search process; they are fundamental values shared by our search consultants that are integrated into our searches at every stage. As a result, over half of our placements have been from underrepresented groups. To do this, we’ve designed a thorough search process to ensure we maximize our opportunities to locate strong diversity candidates.

Our exemplary results and unmatched partnership to colleges and universities is recognized. Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. has been ranked among the best higher education search firms for the most recent two consecutive years. We were in the Top 40 Higher Education Search Firms​ in the nation in the 2020 and have been once more ranked among the best in 2021’s Executive Search Review Higher Education Recruiting Special Issue.

Here are a few of the higher education clients we’ve partnered with:

“I was impressed by how compellingly Shelli was able to articulate the mission and needs of the institution”

“As a candidate, I was impressed by how compellingly Shelli was able to articulate the mission and needs of the institution she was representing and how brilliantly she helped me see how my credentials and experience matched up with the available position. She guided me every step of the way, bringing transparency to an otherwise mysterious process and helping me become the best possible candidate I could be”

—Kerry Walk, Ph.D.

President, Marymount Manhattan College

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