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Discover Why 98% Of Our Business
is From Repeat Clients

While most of our clients cite our exceptional attention to detail and superior results as the principle reasons they came back, we know there’s so much more than that. At Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc., our practice centers around placing the right high performing executives in extraordinary companies. We believe the difference lies in our firm’s dedication to integrity, quality, and success.


Our reputation is our brand, which is why we’ve built our business around ethical and results-based practices. For example, we’ve structured our firm to provide the highest tier of personalized attention to each executive search. You can also rest assured that when you choose Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc. we build your search around thorough interviews and data collection, with comprehensive information gathering done before your dedicated executive search consultant begins outreach. Even better, we aren’t picking people from a stagnant pool of identified candidates. Instead, we contact ideal-fit prospects based on your unique needs. Because we pride ourselves on our results, you’ll get the best fit for your organization when our work together is done.


There is nothing we do that doesn’t meet our rigorous quality standards. For example, we’ve set a high bar for our internal team, which is why all our search consultants have prestigious backgrounds with at least a decade of search experience gained in reputable retained executive search firms. Our focus on quality also shows in our disciplined executive search process, which we augment with the latest technology and up-to-the-minute market intelligence. This approach ensures we make the best decisions based on both experience and data, giving you unsurpassed candidates for the challenges that lie ahead. Finally, our standard for potential candidates includes more than just a strong resume.

When you’re already achieving at a high level, it becomes even more important to ensure that you have access to innovative leaders. If your organization is best in class, you likely won’t get the visionary leader you need from a less successful competitor. Shelli Herman and Associates, Inc.’s, consultants can recognize how skills gained in one area translate into another. They are trained to see how an executive innovating in one sector could have experience and aptitudes that will help propel another. This sort of creative thinking and proven analysis allows for the inclusion of unconventional candidates who have gone on to be highly successful in their new positions.


98%. It’s the amount of business that comes from repeat clients. 98% is also our firm’s retention rate on each placement we’ve made since 2010. We can achieve this incredible success rate because we’ve built a firm designed for it. To facilitate this goal, we’ve developed a process with exacting standards at every stage of the search. First, we are very selective about who we take as clients.

Our clients tend to be industry trailblazers and, as such, appreciate our high standards and focus on fit. Once on board, we create a custom search based on your values, company culture, existing team, expectations, and goals. Then, using a data-driven and experience-backed approach, we search for your ideal candidate. We have extensive relationships in the corporate, nonprofit, and higher education sectors, so we can often find excellent candidates before they ever hit the market. Finally, we use an extensive behavioral-based interview process. Our decades of experience prove this type of interviewing is more predictive of how candidates will perform than traditional interviewing. The questions your candidates are asked are uniquely crafted for your search, so that we are analyzing behavior from situations similar to your role’s requirements. This process results in you getting the high performing leader you’re looking for in the time-frame you need.

Our unparalleled commitment to excellence must be why so many industry leaders trust us to find their perfect match:

When you’re ready to experience a high-level search completed with the urgency, attention to detail, and personalized touch you deserve, then contact us to learn more.

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